Immigration / Visas

All visa applications need to be submitted to the Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) offices located in Wellington and Auckland. Kindly visit their website for VFS location addresses. Applicable fees and visa requirements are listed on their website.

New Zealand Citizens

The Government of the Republic of South Africa has decided to unilaterally exempt ordinary passport holders from New Zealand from the requirements to be in possession of port of entry visas for a period of ninety (90) days for holiday and business visits.

Pacific Islands Citizens: Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and Cook Islands

The South African High Commission in Wellington is also accredited to the following Pacific Island countries on a non-residential basis: Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and Cook Islands. The citizens of the respective countries are required to submit their visa applications through the VFS office in Auckland or Wellington.

  • Work Permits General
  • Critical Skills
  • Intra-company transfer
  • Study Permit
  • Business Permit
  • Relative Permits
  • Exchange permits
  • Medical treatment permits
  • Retired Person visa
  • Treaty Visa


Payment options are either money order or certified cheque payable to South African Consulate-General depending on where you submit your visa application. These should be for the exact amount of the visa fee.

Hand written extensions or handwritten passports will no longer be accepted in South Africa. Only machine-readable passports will be accepted.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • All visa application related payments are to be directed to VFS. The Mission is not responsible in any way for such payments.
  • The turn-around time for visa applications is as follows: Short term visa application: 14 working days; Long term visa application: 21 working days

Reminder to all applicants:

Whenever it appears to the Director-General that a visa or permanent residence permit was acquired through error, misrepresentation or fraud, he or she shall withdraw the visa or permanent residence permit and, where applicable, cause criminal charges to be laid against all parties implicated in the misrepresentation or fraud.


Visa / Permit Fees:

Visitors Visa


Study permits


Treaty Permit

NZ$ 40.50

Business permit: (more than 90 days)


Medical treatment permits:

NZ$ 40.50

Relative’s permits for immediate family member

NZ$ 40.50

Work Permit:
(quota, general, exceptional skills, intra-company transfer)


Retired Person Permit

NZ$ 40.50

Corporate permits:


Exchange permits:

NZ$ 40.50